CBRM has provided consultancy services since 2001 to organizations engaged in delivering engineering projects.  The company is retained primarily in the process plant field (oil and gas, chemical and metallurgical industries) with projects involving the design and manufacturing of industrial plant and equipment.


Core Services

Our mission is to assist businesses secure their goals for complex projects, especially those involving bespoke contractual arrangements executed in challenging environments.  A staff of engineers, project managers and lawyers provide clients with hands-on support in:

  • Identifying and mitigating technological risks

  • Identifying extraordinary commercial risk and designing realistic risk management strategies

  • Managing contractual and legal claims

  • Untangling responsibility for delay, extra cost or execution failures

CBRM has helped us resolve complex execution problems, covering claims, dispute management and project execution planning on over 50 of our major multi-million Euro contracts
— Stefan Schmidt MRS Group Germany

Support Services

In support of the Core Services, CBRM:

  • Designs contractual arrangements for executing complex projects

  • Supports leading law firms in formal dispute resolution embracing the drafting of technical elements of pleadings and delay and quantum analysis

  • Provides site support services

  • Undertakes due diligence exercises


Bespoke Technical Services

Our technical and engineering experience allows us to offer industrial plant businesses:

  • Supervision of manufacturing and erection

  • Non-destructive testing

  • Close-out management

  • Strategies for optimizing processes and procedures